random acts of kindness

I received a spam email this week saying it was Random Acts of Kindness Day – it’s not, it’s actually 1 September. An act can be made towards anyone: a stranger, work colleague, friend or even a family member. It got me thinking and I decided to do my own random act of kindness.

My friend Leigh is a writer and she also works full time. I am constantly impressed by her commitment to writing even when she is surrounded by chaos. She has been writing for a few years now and in my humble opinion, her best book is The Mediterranean Source. It should definitely be on the best sellers list!  It’s a brilliant read.

I was checking out her website http://leighhunt.yolasite.com  but to be frank, it doesn’t really tick the box as an easy to remember website address. I’ve been learning about this recently and also about the need to develop and market your own personal brand.

So here’s where my random act of kindness comes in… I purchased a domain name for her. I settled on www.leighhuntbooks.com and I reckon when she is famous she will need it. I’ve also offered to help her update her website – after all she should be writing not wasting time editing pages. Hopefully she agrees 🙂 because website development is a skill I want to develop further.


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