While I was in Australia, I got to play a great game and it’s the best I’ve come across in a long time. It’s called Bananagrams and it is brilliant. Now board games do not usually float my boat (sic) so it was with hesitation that I sat down and agreed to play.

Well after a couple of games I was hooked. Imagine playing individual scrabble except playing it with others at the same table and you kind of have Bananagrams. You all take some tiles from the bunch in the middle and with a cry of split you start. The aim is to create your own crossword on the table. The great thing about this game, unlike scrabble is that you can change your words around.

You may have the letters for the words ‘lost’ and ‘cue’ but with a bit of shuffling you can create closet and tack the ‘u’ in front of the ‘s’. When you have used up your tiles, you say peel and then everyone has to pick up another tile. You continue on like this until there are no tiles left. The winner is the person who has used up all the tiles first and said bananas.

This game appeals for many reasons. For a start, it gives my brain a great workout while I’m trying to arrange all my tiles into real words. Secondly, it is not as competitive as some other games. The competition is more against yourself as you arrange and rearrange tiles to create longer and better words. Bananagrams will appeal to all age groups (the brochure says from 7 to 97). So if you see it, buy it and start playing. To top it off, it comes in a cool yellow bag that looks like….. well a banana (kinda obvious really). What more could you ask for!


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