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I am a self confessed Microsoft convert and will usually pick a Microsoft or Windows friendly product over anything else. Microsoft and I are like jelly and icecream – we go well together. So it was with some amusement that I read through a recent list of recommended Windows updates. Amongst them were critical updates for Outlook. Sending a small mental apology to Mr Gates, I unticked the Outlook updates and left the machine to install the remaining critical updates.

You see about 18 months ago I finally reached the limits of my frustration with only ever being able to access my emails from my home pc.  I didn’t really like hotmail or yahoo so a techie friend of mine suggested Gmail.  So I took a deep breath, typed gmail into google search and set up an account.  For those people who are yet to work out what Gmail is, it’s a web-based email package provided by Google (Google Mail…aka Gmail).

There’s heaps of cool features in Gmail like: superstars, free storage, ‘popping’ other email addresses, labels, and heaps of desktop themes.  But by far the best feature is the ability to send and receive multiple messages about a subject and it only shows as one email thread. No more worrying about what replies to keep and what ones to trash – you can keep them all.  Sheer brilliance!


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