cooking – challenge or chore

Someone asked me the other day whether I enjoyed cooking.

If they had asked me twelve months ago, it would have been a resounding “No”. Why? Because back then cooking was a chore, it was boring and I could see no reason why I should put any effort into it. I was so unhealthy – dinner was usually a plate of creamy pasta bake or a bowl full of rice risotto smothered in melted cheese. Sometimes I would put a handful of frozen mixed vegetables in and convince myself that was sufficient to meet the 5+ a day fruit and vege target.

I am pleased to say cooking is now a lot more enjoyable and more of a challenge. Choosing to stick with a low carbohydrate / high protein way of eating has transformed my approach to food. Although I don’t obsess over calories, I do try to stay within my target range of carbs. It was a struggle to start with; reading all the food labels and weighing everything was very time consuming. It’s easier now and most of the time I can accurately gauge my portion sizes by sight.

The biggest shift in my thinking has been around vegetables. People either love ’em or hate ’em. Well I love them and the more the merrier. My fridge is always jammed full with a variety of vegetables, and my dinner plate each night is a kaleidoscope of colour.

I go to the local farmer’s market each weekend and stock up on the essentials. I’ve always been a creature of habit and I don’t stray far.  However, I’ve been ‘stepping out’ and now my goal is to buy something at least once a month that I have not tried before. Cooking it isn’t always successful and I don’t always enjoy eating it, but I give it a go.  The newest, nicest recent discoveries have been persimmons and lychees.

They say variety is the spice of life and I will continue trying out new foods.


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