families and christmas

Christmas holidays can bring out some really diverse behaviour in people and the family dymanics, particularly on Christmas day. The lengths people go to to avoid conflict is astounding.  I have heard of two families driving for nine hours to have Christmas day with one person (who will only have Christmas dinner at her house) just to keep the family peace. And another couple who will be ‘pretending’ to be away on holiday so they don’t have to attend their Christmas day family dinner.

For as long as I can remember I have gone home to Nelson and Motueka to have Christmas with family and friends.  But this year I am breaking with tradition, leaving everyone to their own devices and going to visit my Dad in Australia.  It has been interesting the number of people who have made the comment “it will be strange not seeing you over Christmas.”  Let’s be honest, I’m sure they will survive without me; after all, I’m hardly the ‘life & soul of the party’ type of person.

I wonder what I will do next Christmas – perhaps I might stay at home.


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