yay for great customer service

Receiving great customer service is not so common these days so when I experience it, I shout it from the rooftops.

I’m running low on my usual moisturiser and have been scouring the shops trying to buy another bottle. I don’t know what is going on but no-one has it in stock. Out of desperation, I went into a pharmacy yesterday to see if they had any.  My customer service experiences in pharmacies have never been positive. Usually I end up being served by a young lass barely out of high school, who have this preoccupation with the word ‘like.’  “You know, like this brand is good, cos like my friend uses it and like you should buy it too.” Irritating to say the least!

This time however I was served by a lovely lady in her late forties.  Describing her as helpful was an understatement – she was exceptional.  She found out that the moisturiser has been temporarily withdrawn but will be back on the shelves early in the New Year.  Instead of trying to sell me the alternative for $29, she told me to buy a tube of the lotion (same brand) for $8.99.  The only difference apparently is the product name and its packaging.  Not only did she save me $20, she also gave me a handful of samples of the other products in the range. I left that shop as one very happy customer and when I need to go back to that pharmacy, then I will wait to be served by her.

She has restored my faith in shop assistants, what a star!


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