the computer grinch

I work with someone who has a Grinch living in his computer and it regularly causes problems. Sometimes the Grinch will change the printer’s default settings, it’s been known to delete the Outlook auto-signature  and it constantly plays around with bullets and numbering within paragraphs. But I have a sneaky suspicion that it may be the user, not the Grinch living in the computer that is causing these problems.

The other day I heard a voice saying “Can you come and look at my screen, the toolbar in my email has disappeared”. Very quickly I realised what he had done. After I unticked ‘minimise the ribbon’, the toolbar reappears and he merrily continued typing his email.

A little later, I got called over again. He can’t remove the highlighting from some text in his email. Even I didn’t know what he had done because I couldn’t clear it either. He blamed the Grinch again. I suggested that maybe he should compose his larger documents in Word as Outlook is not really designed to be a word processing package. He nodded in agreement but I doubt if he will change.

Despite the fact that he can destroy every template that I give him, he is self-taught and is usually self sufficient in Microsoft Word and Outlook. So I suppose as long as I am there to fix the problems the computer Grinch creates, the emails will continue to be sent.


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