defining success – part 3

Success can be as simple as being happy and content with your life and its experiences. Some people don’t crave the limelight and do not think it necessary to conform to society and its ideals.  Their measure of success is seeing the joy in a friend’s face when they are given a hand made gift which took months to complete.  Or it’s the smile generated by giving a thank you card to acknowledge the extra effort someone put into a task.

For others, success is measured in terms of material possessions.  I grew up with a girl and all she ever wanted was to get married, have babies, and buy a house with a white picket fence.  She has a lovely husband, two young children and a house with a mortgage.  In her world, she is successful as she has realised all her dreams.

So where does that leave me?  I am still no closer to actually defining success but I do think that success means what it means to you.  You and only you know what your success looks like, and you and only you know when you’ve reached it.


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