defining success – part 2

Are you happy if you are successful? Turn around and look at the retired man who lives in a beautiful house by the beach.  He’s had a successful career and has lived all over the world but is he happy?  No, he’s too busy worrying about his wife who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Then there is Tiger Woods. He portrays the image of being happy and content with his career and family. We all know he’s successful and we refer to him by his first name, even though we don’t know him personally.  I’m not here to pass judgement on what he has allegedly done but if what the media are reporting is true, how happy is he really?  If he was happy with his life, why was it necessary to develop ‘friendships’ with other women?

Do people measure success in terms of being famous? I recently read an article about Starbucks.  Starbucks is a recognised brand all over the world but they don’t advertise in newspapers, magazines or on the TV. But despite this, they are famous for producing good coffee.  Therefore if the brand is famous, then they must be successful……right?  Well consider this – for the financial year ending September 2009, their total revenue declined 6% to $9.8 billion. I am sure the executives of Starbucks do not see the decline in revenue as a successful outcome for the year.  However, for other people, the fact that Starbucks’ total revenue was a mind-blowing $9.8 billion would definitely be considered as successful.


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