the lure of your home town

A friend of mine recently had a weekend away visiting her father. She doesn’t get to see him often as he lives out of town and it’s an expensive airline ticket to get there. I emailed to see if she enjoyed her weekend. She told me she had a brilliant time catching up with family and friends but was feeling a bit homesick. She thought she might quit her job, pack up and shift back to her home town.

It got me thinking. How many of you have the same thoughts that she had after a trip home? I know I do – every time I’m sitting in a plane on the return flight. That little voice runs around in my head “you had such a nice time; you should shift back there permanently”. But I never do. I left home 18 years ago and that little voice still talks after all these years.

The thing with returning to your roots – your home town – is that it’s safe, reassuring and comforting. Your senses are exposed to all your childhood memories and traditions. It’s the smell of freshly laundered bed sheets and furniture polish as you open your bedroom door; it’s the Sunday roast that is eaten every week of the year or it’s having a heart-to-heart conversation with your parents while you peel the potatoes and carrots for dinner.

Your friends are still in the same job as they were five years ago, and they still sit at the same table at the local pub. Going home doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone and I think that is why we yearn to return to it. Everything is as it always was and very little changes over the years (well it doesn’t in the rural town I grew up in).

But you return to your ‘new’ home and as you settle back into your routine, the thoughts of quitting your job and shifting back home subside. You’re too busy preparing for that big meeting you have tomorrow or worrying about what to wear to that cocktail function on Thursday night. They say home is where the heart is and no matter what you do or where you live, you can always return home for a taste of that comfort.


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