weigh and measure

Well the last weekend of the month has arrived and it is weigh in and measure day for me.  I’ve always carried excess weight but after I quit smoking I rediscovered my tastebuds, developed a sweet-tooth  and promptly put on more weight. So earlier this year I decided it was time to do something about it.  My clothes didn’t fit, I felt blah (please excuse the technical expression!) and something needed to change.  

After some research I took up the challenge of a low carb, high protein ‘diet’ a.k.a. WOE (way of eating). Sort of a mix between the Atkins and Zone theories. I lost quite a few kilo’s and for the past two months have been in maintenance mode.  I track my weight every week but only measure myself once a month and so far have managed to stay within a kg of my goal weight. 

So after the tape measure came out this morning, I was pleased to see the weight and measurements are still within my target range. 

I rarely think about high carb processed food any more.  Give me fresh vegetables, chicken or fish any day of the week.  After changing my eating habits for the better, I’ll never go back to being the bread and pasta gal.


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