kiwiflossnz – my personal brand statement

During my lunch break today I worked on developing my personal brand statement.  It’s still work in progress but I will share it.

I am the [creative] office magician for a boutique law firm

I read that your personal brand statement should be no longer than six seconds, intriguing and prompt the person to say “wow, so what do you actually do?”  That then allows you to impress them even further with your stunning ‘elevator speech’.  I’m not really sure about the ‘creative’ part in there but I’ll see how it feels over the next few days.  My actual job title is Practice Manager but Office Magician sounds much more fascinating.

I’ve also nearly nailed my vision and purpose statements. My vision is that friendship and respect know no boundaries between all people regardless of their ethnicity, class or social standing. And my purpose is to be effective in my job and in my interactions with people so they can [find/maintain] their joie de vivre.  Joie de vivre is literally translated as being one’s “joy of living”.

So it has been a satisfying day and I am pleased with my progress on my personal branding journey.


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