a humbling experience

As part of my personal brand post-workshop activities, I sent an email to friends, family and work colleagues asking for their impressions of my strengths, personal attributes and one area for development for 2010.  I asked for honest, candid feedback and that is what I have received.  None of it has been a surprise – even the areas for development – but one has left me truly humbled.

One of the people I sent the email to was a person who I dealt with in a previous role. I assumed he was a busy person and that I would be unlikely to receive a response.  But I was wrong.  Today I received his two page reply and it has left me speechless. It was the most well considered, well written feedback I have ever received. It was as if he had opened up my heart and head, examined their contents and articulated what I have been struggling with for the past few months.  What makes it even more special is that this person does not owe me anything. He did it because he believes in me and that is truly humbling.  Saying thank you doesn’t quite seem enough…. but what more can one do?  I’ve replied to his email and we will be catching up for a coffee some time this week.


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